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No matter if you are just starting your adventure with trading or have been in the game for some time, you have a unique opportunity to learn from my mistakes made over 15 years of struggle on the market, ups and downs, moments of doubt, successes and failures. You don't have to go through it all, you don't have to waste your nerves and money.

All you have to do is spend a few moments reading this ebook to find out:

  • Why your chance of failing in trading is over 95%. (and what habits will get you closer to landing in the other 5%)
  • How getting into the right habits will allow you to make trading a full-time job.
  • Why most people approach trading with the wrong expectations and beliefs.
  • Why it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be a trader without failing (and how those failures bring you closer to success)
  • Why you can’t argue with your personality if you want to be successful in the market.
  • How to avoid the most common trading mistakes.
  • How to manage time devoted to trading.
  • What to focus on if you take trading seriously and consider it for the long term. (It’s definitely NOT money)
  • How your personality is important in choosing the right strategy.
  • What trading strategy is out of the question if you lack patience.
  • Why it is important to choose individual strategies for each trader.
  • Why even the most profitable strategy of a great and famous trader may NOT work for you.
  • Why you CAN’T bet your whole life on trading.
  • How important is the right work-trading balance before you become a full-time trader.
  • Why the right approach and perception of money is the key to success.
  • What kind of financial mindset is necessary to become a professional trader.
  • Why proper time management is a must-have on the road to making trading a full-time job.
  • What traps await you on your trader path.

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Marius Stanescu

Professional Trader • Mentor • CEO ATTindicators

I have started trading in 2007 with TeleTrade. Since then I was in a continuous journey of learning and self-growth. The reason I have started to create educational trading courses and the mentorship program is that I want to share with other people from my experience, and help them not make the same mistakes I did at the beginning of my career.


2007 – Part Time Forex Trading

First contact with Forex Market, thru Teletrade broker. I had 6 months of training on Forex Trading with professional trades at Teletrade.

2008- First job in Financial Market sector

I have started working as a broker for CapitalGroup, an investing firm in Bucharest.

2009-present day trading on multiple Financial Markets

An excited period where I have traded most of the financial instruments on the market. I have traded, futures, options, binary options, Forex and stocks, both individually for personal account and both for proprietary trading firms.

I want to share with you from my knowledge and more than 15 years of trading experience

I have created Free courses on how to use institutional trading indicators.

Free course on Market Profile and Volume Profile

Free course on VWAP

Free course on Cumulative Delta

Free course on Cyprocurencies

Premium course on how to optimize your trading for better performances

Mentorship program

Market Profile TPO -Volume Profile

Everything you need to know, in order to start trading using Market Profile TPO and Volume Profile indicators.

  • You will learn about Market Profile indicator and all that is needed to start trading with it.

  • You will get an overview of Market Profile structure, market participants and Market Auction Theory which are all very important.

  • You will understand how to set properly the indicator according to your trading instrument.

Forex and Futures -VWAP indicator

Increase your win rate with VWAP Indicator.

  • This is a basic introduction to VWAP indicator, and how you can use it in your every day trading, or how to implement it as an extra indicator for your trading strategy.

  • You will learn about trading with VWAP and its DVA, and time frames used for VWAP .

  • I will teach you a simple strategy using VWAP and Volume Profile.

Forex and Futures -VWAP Cumulative Delta indicator.

Increase your win rate with Cumulative Delta Indicator.

  • Within this course you will learn the difference for the volume indicators in Forex and Futures markets.

  • You will learn about the difference between the tick volume on decentralized markets or FOREX, and the real market volume on the centralized markets.

  • You will learn about using Exhaustion and Absorption, or the cumulative delta volume divergences.

Basic course on Futures Contracts trading

General information about Futures Contracts Trading.

  • You will learn the basics of futures contracts and how you can start trading.

  • You will about the roles of hedge funds, speculators, market makers or the role of other trading entities, like agricultural companies.

  • You will learn why an agricultural company is an important part of trading futures contracts.

Digital crypto currencies AZ

General information about Crypto digital coins.

  • Altcoins and ICO: Definition of alternative coins to BTC and Initial Coin Offering.

  • Crypto Wallets: In this lesson you will learn where and how to store your digital coins, and about the concept of crypto wallet.

  • Crypto mining: What is the mining process of digital coins.

  • Buying and trading crypto coins: Where and how you can buy crypto coins.

  • Sending and receiving process: Here you will learn how sending and receiving crypto coins works.

Premium Course

This course is designed for experienced traders that are still struggling on being consistent profitable.

Optimize your trading career - FOREX-CRYPTO-COMMODITIES

How to become the best trader you can possible be and how to optimize your trading strategy to suit your personality.

  • Strategy Optimization Journal, or SOJ, is a trading journal that will keep you focused strictly on the process, and not on the results, and the best part is that it will optimize your trading strategy to best suit your personality

  • You will learn about advanced concept of Money Management

  • You will learn how to create a profitable trading strategy.


You will get one on one mentoring sessions, where you will be transformed in the best trader you can possible be.

Get yourself in to the 5% successful traders, with 3 months 100% transformation mentorship program.

Professional trading is not easy, and it is totally not about wonder trading strategies. The secret in trading, is the trader himself.

  • We find what is the best money management that suits you.

  • We will develop and back test together a trading strategy to fit your stile, and your personal life.

  • Most important, you will learn how to train yourself to be ice cold in your decisions and to face trading results without any emotional stress.

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